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May, 2011:  Arm Robbery – Felony Firearm -------- Verdict "Not Guilty"
Case called : People -vs- Phillips (Wayne County MI)

Client Charged with CSC3 and Assault Jury Verdict  " Not Guilty" 
People -vs- Ahmad (Oakland County,MI) 

Client charged with 8 Counts CSC1 Case "dismissed" on Motion in Wayne County (client name: Withhold)

Client charged with Felony Firearm and Assault: Jury Verdict " Not Guilty" Wayne County People -vs- Mustfa

Client Charged with CSC3 & CSC 4 in Wayne County - Jury Verdict "Not Guilty" 

Client Charged with prostitution in Detroit - Case dismissed. 
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Meet Our Lawyer Paul Jones

Paul is well known and respected among criminal lawyers not only in Wayne County, but in Oakland Macomb.

Paul has successfully defended his clients for more than 23 years; his quick intellect and charming personality have fostered a strong working relationship with the Courts and the local legal community.

Paul stands ready to wield an array of intellectual and legal tools to defend your rights and freedom.

His last trial the jury found his client not-guilty and eight counts of CSC (sex case) in Fank Murphy Hull of Justice - Wayne County. 

Home Invasion Offenses In Michigan
Home invasion is one of the most serious offenses in Michigan and carries the potential for significant penalties if convicted. Michigan law breaks the crime of home invasion into three different degrees as follows:

-First Degree Home Invasion is the most serious.  
First degree home invasion is a 20-year felony with fines up to $5,000.00.

-Second Degree Home Invasion. Home invasion in the second degree is a 15-year felony and carries fines up to $3,000.00.

-Third Degree Home Invasion. Home invasion in the third degree is a 5-year felony and carries fines up to $2,000.00.

The requirement that the prosecution in home invasion -Ist degree must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the following elements; 

1) the defendant breaks and enters a dwelling / home of an other without permission

2) at the time of the entrance the defendant had the intent to commit a felony crime. 

3) while the defendant was entering, present, or exiting the home/dwelling the defendant was armed with a dangerous weapon. 

The penalties for home invasion are very high and the crime is taken very seriously. It is very important that you talk to an attorney if you are charged with home invasion. Our criminal attorneys will create an aggressive defensive strategy for your case.